If you’re pregnant and planning a hospital birth, packing a bag in preparation for the big day is bound to be on your to-do list. So how best to stay organised while ensuring you have all you need for you and your baby?

Fashion blogger and stylist Charlotte Buttrick has the answer – and we’re happy to say that it starts with our Jamie bag. You can watch her full packing video, made shortly before giving birth to her first baby, or read on for our edited recap.

Why the Jem + Bea Jamie backpack?

“I’m not actually packing one bag – there’s going to be three bags! My husband, James, will have his own backpack. I’m also going to take a kind of carry-on suitcase as well as my new beautiful baby bag… the Jamie backpack from Jem + Bea

“This is going to be my baby bag when my son arrives. Personally, I prefer backpacks because I like the weight distributed on my shoulders. I picked this one because I thought James would be able to use it as well, it’s quite unisex. The leather looks really high-quality, it’s pebbled as well – so it won’t scratch. I think it will last a really long time and it’s just beautiful.”

“It fits with my wardrobe too, because I normally do fashion videos and I quite like a minimal look. The bag has these straps on the back which actually clip off, so I’ll be able to attach them to my pram. There’s a pocket at the front with the Jem + Bea logo in beautiful gold hardware; perfect for me because I mainly wear gold jewellery!

“Then inside, the lining is waterproof. And there are so many different compartments, and a little leather pouch as well. There’s a hidden compartment in the back, an insulated compartment for a bottle. You can keep things separate [inside the bag] in case of any leakages and things, so that’s great.”

What is Charlotte packing in her Jamie?

“For the hospital, in this bag I’ll probably have my main go-to bits: some food, baby clothes, muslins, nappies and maybe my own clothes for when we’re leaving the hospital. James will have a few things in here too.”

What else is Charlotte taking?

  • Tens machine (to ease back pain)
  • Hypnobirthing – Practical ways to make your birth better, by Siobhan Miller
  • An eye mask
  • Headphones
  • iPhone and charger, for playing audio
  • Camera
  • Slippers (old ones, in case they get ruined!)
  • A dressing gown/robe
  • A large maternity night-shirt from Next, to wear during labour and for easy skin-to-skin time after the birth
  • Lip balm (because gas can wreak havoc on your lips)
  • A flannel (to dampen and use to cool the head)
  • Facial spritz
  • ESPA Positivity Pulse Point Oil (to aid relaxation)
  • A humidifier and essential oils (so we can make the room smell nice, if we get our own room)
  • Mama Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray (to spritz the room)
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturizer – all my usual toiletries
  • Spritz for clean hands – kind of like a hand sanitizer
  • No Harm Nipple Balm
  • No Harm Bum Balm (for the baby)
  • Items from the Natural Birthing Company’s Mama’s Moments Birthing Kit (including cooling body spray)
  • Pure Bliss Postnatal Compress Solution (to soothe any soreness or discomfort from birth)
  • Perineal Massage Oil
  • Two nursing bras
  • Ready-made formulas
  • High-waisted maternity knickers from Next
  • Five pairs of disposable briefs from Boots
  • Three 10-packs of Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Pads with Wings
  • A few pairs of compression socks
  • Boots breast pads
  • Multi-line perineum compresses
  • Some make-up (just a minimal amount – everyday bits like mascara, eyebrow pencil etc.) 
  • Hairbrush
  • My own towel
  • A tracksuit
  • Snacks and drinks (a big badass bag of licorice, a box of protein bars for an energy boost)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • A small jug (I read that it can reduce stinging when you wee after birth if you pour a jug of water as you go… although I may just use a water bottle)

And for baby?

  • Nappies
  • Cotton wool balls 
  • Three sleep-suits with feet from Next
  • A couple of t-shirt and trouser outfits (in case that’s more comfortable immediately after birth, due to the umbilical cord wound) 
  • 100% organic cotton muslin squares from Thin Living
  • A couple of blankets – including a beautiful Fendi blanket gifted by my mother-in-law
  • The Jerry car seat
  • A tracksuit for baby (which he might wear to come home in)