Autumn is upon us and the new school year is starting – though in 2020 (and for obvious reasons) September has seemed a longer time coming than in past years.

As parents and little ones up and down the country prepare for the new term, Wales-based Cassie Chung, mum of three and owner of lifestyle store Just.Maison, shares some of her family’s time-honoured back-to-school rituals.

“The last week before term is very much wind-down time for us. We stay a bit closer to home, get earlier nights to try and get back into some sort of routine. Mio starts school full-time this September and is so excited to see his friends again. He can’t wait to get his bag ready the night before the first day.
“There’s also the school uniform to try on – that’s important. The girls have always liked to make sure their uniform is ready and all tidy for the big day. We’ll set lunch-bags and boxes aside too. The girls have always had a packed lunch and Mio will be the same. They love choosing their own boxes and bottles.
“The most exciting bit, however, is stationery! Definitely the favourite part of school prep for the girls. Anything Studio Ghibli goes – we try and find quirky stationery to make schoolwork that little bit more interesting!”
Discover Cassie’s top picks for the new term below…