Jem + Bea Personalised Clutch in Burgundy

Influencer, mum-of-four and founder of trailblazing concept store Cissy Wears, Nicola Eyre (@cissywears) suggests Mother’s Day gifts from some of her favourite independent brands

A Weathered Penny Aria Earrings

An irregular circle topped with a plectrum-like disc, these earrings make for a striking contemporary accessory – and they’re finished with an ecologically friendly resin, for enhanced resilience.

Jem + Bea Personalised Leather Clutch

This burgundy leather pouch is a chic multi-purpose must-have, perfect for everything from keeping your passports and documents together when travelling to serving as a stylish accessory for wedding season.

Aerende Scented Rapeseed Wax Candle

Aerende candles are made by a social enterprise that provides safe and caring employment for people with learning disabilities. They’re made with natural rapeseed wax – a sustainable and non-toxic alternative to standard paraffin or soya wax candles.

Caro Chocolate

Caro’s ‘Earl Grey & Biscuit’ blonde chocolate is made with bergamot and balls of chocolate-coated biscuit. A taste of the countryside, the recipe was inspired by afternoon tea and leisurely chats with friends.

Meraki Diffuser

This ‘Verbena Drizzle’ diffuser spreads a lovely scent and is made with natural ingredients. The simple bottle works as stylish decor while the wooden sticks draw in the oil and diffuse the fragrance around your home.