Natasha Corrett

We speak to wellness expert and cookbook author Natasha Corrett ahead of the launch of her new book, which focuses on how to improve your family’s eating habits in practical, sustainable ways. 

What’s your backstory? What inspired you to move into health, nutrition and wellness?

About 10 years ago I started organising health and wellbeing retreats in the English countryside because I felt I needed something that wasn’t offered yet. Then I started delivering healthy food around London to offices. I have always worked in this way: if it works for me, it might work for someone else. I suppose the food side of things was no different. I later launched a food line into Selfridges, then got my first book deal off the back of it.  

People everywhere are starting to notice the link between the food they eat and other issues – especially the health of the planet, sustainability etc. Is this something you’re conscious of – the ethical ramifications of diet?

Yes, I have always felt this. I became a vegetarian 15 years ago and started eating healthily then as well. I was very strict with the foods I ate and I suppose I have gone the other way now. I like to be flexible, as I have a family and we like to eat out and, well, live life! I try to be as sustainable as possible and do my bit for the planet.

How does your work in healthy eating impact your family’s eating habits? Any practical tips for mamas looking to get their children eating a more diverse and nutritious diet?

I think the knowledge I have about health, especially gut health and knowing the link between that and behaviour, is huge. My son’s behaviour changed a lot over about two months; I spoke to our nutritionist to find that he had a horrid bacteria in his tummy and after being on the right probiotics and supplements, he changed in a week. I have always known the power of food and the correct supplements but seeing it in my little boy is astonishing. Hidden veg is key in my cooking. I find the fussy stage is best tackled without worry: you can get loads of veg and protein from sauces. 

Tell us about your current ventures and future plans.

My main focus is my new cookbook [published 11 June], Family Kitchen. It’s full of quick, healthy and simple flexitarian meals. There are 100 recipes including 82 vegetarian recipes. They are organised into morning-time, 15-minute meals, 30-minute meals, under 60 minutes and snacks and treats – with symbols so you can find them easily. It really is created with hangry children in mind, so everything is quick and simple to prepare and can be brought in the local Co-Op!

You’re a busy woman! Do you have any top tips for women looking to get more energy and vitality out of their diet? 

Eat plenty and make sure you are getting enough downtime. For me that looks like a bath with a CBD bath bomb or a workout. Gone are the days of long lunches and trips to the spa! I take the time when I can!

New Year is a time when many people are making health-related resolutions. What single change would you recommend someone try above all others?

Add things into your life rather than taking anything away. Add healthy food and healthy changes as if you try to take away, you might be setting yourself up for struggle!

Head to Natasha’s website for the banana oat bites recipe (pictured) @natashacorrett

Banana bites